American Cups

Things have been moving at light speed here in the city that never sleeps. Maybe it’s because we’re becoming more and more caffinated.

Last night I had the honor of sitting on Anne Boatner and Sam Penix’s run throughs for the NERBC. I’m so proud of the two of them for the work that they’ve put in to their presentations. Of course I am not going to give anything away, but I’m really proud to have Boatner represent TampTamp Inc. Sam of course moonlights for TempTamp when she’s not working at Everyman (who she’ll be representing), so I’m happy to help her out somewhat too. And the two of them have formed a somewhat formidable team, fueled by David Bowie and The Modern Lovers.

Eric & Anne writing out her schpeel Sam Practicing sig drinks

Anne & Eric work on her speech, while Sam tests out her signature drink.

Last night Katie Carguilo & I each shared our feedback with Sam & Anne. It made me a little nostalgic for the very first NERBC I attended in Macungie, where Katie and I bussed dishes together. Since then, we’ve managed to wind up at these things together ever since. And, last night kidnapped my camera and took about a thousand pictures of herself.

Katie & Anne

Both of them have been experimenting with espressos, signature drinks, place settings, spoons and everything one needs for competition for months now, so it’s great to see it all begin to come together. They’ll be traveling together to compete out of region in St. Louis, so this is it! The time is finally upon us.

I know that after Anne’s 2nd place finish at the MARBC last year she’s put a lot of pressure on herself, but I’m just proud that she’s put so much hard work into this year’s effort. I can’t wait to see the final product in Pittsburgh next month, regardless of the outcome!

Also, TampTamp is throwing a party in honor of her representing us (and to help cover her manifold expenses) that I really hope you attend. I’ve never held a party with two kegs before… so please come help us drink it.

In other news, about eight kajilion new coffee shops have opened since we last posted. Well, two. Second Stop in Williamsburg, and Simon Sips on the Lower East Side. I apologize for the phone photos, I forgot my legitimate camera. Whoops.

Second Stop Second Stop

Simon Sips Simon Sips

Also, Beaner Bar swapped their layout so now the Mellitta Bar is the focal point for their cafe. I celebrated with the “Beaner Blend” – Intelligentsia’s Kurimi and Flor Azul (this may be known at other cafes as Intelly’s Holiday Blend). It was delicious! Here’s Lori making me the cup:

Lori at Beaner Bar


~ by Anne on January 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “American Cups”

  1. I heard Simon sips is Stumptown. What about Second Stop (which I sadly walked right by just a couple of days ago!)?

    • Simon Sips is actually Counter Culture, but Second Stop is Stumptown. They’re both doing really good things with their coffee, and the foods all taste amazing!

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