CoffeeFest Chicago – Belated Edition

So since it’s been the obligatory month after the event, I thought I’d report my experience at CoffeeFest Chicago.


We decided on this trip to drive rather than fly or take a train because it would be cheaper and maybe more fun, too. We left on Friday for a very long 13 hour drive to Chicago, and got there, a little tired, while the Metropolis party was in full swing. We had planned on only staying a couple minutes so we could say hi and go to sleep, but just as we walked in, Wiggles pulled Anne into the latte art throwdown, so we hung around for that. Little did we know, 3 hours and four rounds later, Anne would emerge the victor! Way to go Anne, and thanks Metropolis for the sweet party in your huge (and awesome) new roasting space.

The next morning Anne was competing in the Millrock Latte Art Competition, so we found our way via mass transit to the Navy Pier where CoffeeFest was happening.

As luck would have it, our good friends Maria and Maddy were in town at the same time we were (well, Maria was, Maddy had been living in Chicago since last September, we just didn’t remember until after we left, Maria was visiting so she could RUN UP THE HANCOCK BUILDING. yikes.) But they were awesome and came out to root for Anne while she competed, and then ended up staying all day to tour the trade show. Unfortunately, Anne didn’t make finals, so that was quick, but we had a great time that day anyway. While they were off hobnobbing with our friends from all corners, I spent the afternoon selling lots of subscriptions for our favorite trade mag, Barista Magazine. Sarah was in Africa, so I filled in that day with the always brilliant Ken, having guy time.

Maria Maddy

That evening, we skipped the parties and hung out with Maddy, ordered some chicago pizza and caught up. Then we went to sleep early for what we thought would be a short day in chicago before we ran off back to New York.


The next morning, we went to brunch with our amazing hosts Ellie and Pete, and then all drove over to the Navy Pier for the finals. Somehow, Liz Clayton roped me into holding a very heavy macbook while a bunch of people watched the competition on the internets. While it was heavy, I still had a good time.

Streaming Lucey

Of course, in the end, my arms didn’t fall off, and Scott Lucey sliced the competition with his Liquid Swords (which I tried to drink, but couldn’t get any liquid out of it. too bad. It looked amazing). Go Lucey!

So we left Chicago as soon as the announcement was made, and that was a mistake. We should have stayed another night, because by the time we made it to Pennsylvania, it was full on blizzard mode. Very scary for a Floridian to drive in. But we made it back safely, exclaiming that we’ll never do that again. We’ll see when it comes time to go to Atlanta next month!


~ by neoney on March 17, 2009.

One Response to “CoffeeFest Chicago – Belated Edition”

  1. yeah yeah yeah! i seriously wouldn’t mind being your housemaid if it meant constant supply of great coffee, beer and/or wine, and deep dish pizza!

    thanks again for such a caffeinated and groovy visit.

    see you in nyc one of these daze….

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