Dottie’s Temping Adventure!

Dottie's Coffee Lounge HOUSE RULES!

Neil & I spent last week in the Birkshires at Dottie’s Coffee Lounge. Dottie’s is the brainchild of Jessica Rufo, who worked with me at Joe in New York City. Dottie’s is like the sweet little sister of Joe, with an expanded food menu and a talented, fanatical foodie in the kitchen. That’d be Matt Lamb, and here he is:

Matt takes a moment

Matt & Jessica teamed up last year because both had decided they wanted to create a community space in Pittsfield. The small, post-factory town has decided to embrace the arts and enjoy its creative community. We had a great time in town, tasting hand crafted micro-brews at Brew Works and stuffing ourselves silly on the amazing offerings at Brix.

We were there to cover for Jessica while she went on her first vacation since the cafe opened (in winter ’07, and we visited in January ’08). We definitely thought it was deserved, and we were especially ok with us when she left Matt to take care of us! It should be his turn now, but we haven’t worked out the details of tempkitchen. That’ll be a business model we’ll give up to some entrepreneurial chef.

It was really fun to be in a spot where the customers clearly appreciated the coffee and the people making it. We were honored to be able to come in and provide that experience and to be a part of it even just for a few days! Thanks again to all the regulars too who helped us out and told us where everything was!

You Bounce You Buy


~ by Anne on March 23, 2009.

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