New York Coffee Summit

Now, on to the more lengthy blog post, a report on New York’s First Coffee Summit.

That Macchiatto is SO 2008

For those just looking for a brief summary or review:

I thought that overall the summit was an excellent start to a dialogue coffee professionals in New York and across the country. Rachel Graville put together an overwhelming arrray of talented coffee professionals from the smallest niche to the National Coffee Association. I think that her perspective as an outsider gave more balance to a summit that could have easily turned into a healthy pat on the back for all of us specialty coffee kids for what a job well done. Instead, it was an engaging dialogue from all different sectors of the coffee community in NYC. My only regret was that we didn’t have more time to talk about the topics at hand. We could have easily broken out into separate rooms and discussed what each panelist was allotted 10 minutes to cover. Oh well, it made it more like a preview for next year!

Thanks again so much to the Edibles publication for spearheading this event, to the International Culinary Center for hosting us. Oh yeah, and to Duane Sorensen, Lizz Hudson, Mike Philips, and Stephen Morrissey for making the coffee in the morning. Kind of took the spotlight off of Neil temping for Terzi coffee in the corner, but Neil’s not big on spotlights anyway.

For those looking for in depth coverage, my notes from the event will follow. (Sorry that the photos of panelists are less than glamorous). I am now realizing that these posts are going to be quite legnthy, so I am going to break them down into a post for each Panel topic.


~ by neoney on May 3, 2009.

One Response to “New York Coffee Summit”

  1. Great to see people truly passionate about coffee…I have to admit I am turned on by fellow coffee lovers…

    Passion for coffee runs through my veins…

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