Sit & Wonder

Sit & Wonder

I began to notice a trend of hipsters in my neighborhood only recently as we’ve had a spate of hipster-centric openings in the area. In addition to the old standbys of the past couple years (Abigail, Franklin Park) there’s a new bar, Washington Commons, with a huge beer selection and a giant backyard (and $3 beers from 3-8pm on weekdays). There’s a dive bar going in down the street from the Commons call The Manhattans which I hear may include a rooftop. But the most telling for me is the not one, not two, but three new coffee shops to open in the last year.

The 3rd new cafe, Sit and Wonder, is the biggest indicator of change. I walk by the place most every day on my way to work and I had noticed the new sign, but had no idea it was going to be a coffee shop serving terrifically prepared Stumptown coffee for $1 (Seriously. They were brewing Finca El Injerto, which I think is still last year’s coffee? And it was amazing.) They also have, I’ve heard, 63 electrical outlets, so I can go there to do work instead of sitting in my living room all day.

Sit & Wonder Sit & Wonder

Also beautiful pastries and homemade breads and cakes.

Sit & Wonder

So welcome to the neighborhood Sit & Wonder. I am excited you are here, and will definitely be as regular a customer as my schedule allows. But while I recognize my part in the change in my neighborhood, I hope the spate of recent openings doesn’t cause such a drastic change in the area that we’re forced to move. We just signed a two-year lease.


~ by neoney on June 8, 2009.

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  1. […] (it’s open ’til 10pm!). You can get really good coffee and chocolate chip cookies at Sit and Wonder, and Gen is probably the best Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn. Other highlights include the vegan […]

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