New Blog!

So perhaps you’ve seen that The Road to Epiphany blog has become a bit more TampTamp related in the past year and a bit less of the fun, coffee-related, adventuring that you’ve come to expect from Anne and me.

screen capture of TampTamp Blog

While that is an indicator of the way our lives have been going, and we’re really excited by our lives right now, we think our business deserves its own blog. So we decided to create a new one just for TampTamp.

We hope to make it a bit more hard-hitting than our current one, to talk about issues, and promote discussion, as well as talk about interesting things happening in the TampTamp universe.

But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean Road to Epiphany is going away, we hope we’ll be able to get back to talking about new coffee shops, non-commercial events, and the places we go on this one, with renewed energy and vigor.

So go to our new blog,, and add it to your rss reader. We’ve already seeded it with a couple of past posts from here and a few new things.


~ by neoney on July 6, 2009.

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