Back in the Saddle: Coffee in NYC October 2009

Just in case you thought we weren’t doing anything since we’re back in NYC, I am here with a little report to prove you wrong.

To start I (briefly) stopped by the Ace to see what they were up to, which of course were good things. I need to get back there for a full report, but there’s plenty to read about this cafe already, right? I recommend Man Seeking Coffee’s report if you are jonesing! And here’s my one lone, sort of not interesting photo:

Ace Hotel

This thing turns green coffee brown for Cafe Grumpy Anthony & Anne at Grumpy

hanging out with Anthony at grumpy.

A few weeks ago we finally made it out the to Greenpoint Grumpy as part of a Cafe Grumpy trifecta I achieved that week. Anthony Kurutz from Plowshares, Neil & I scoped out the place with the ever-courteous and photographically elusive Colleen Duhamel who has been doing all the sourcing for their roasting program. We tasted both their first batch guatemalan, and followed up with the Kenyan Coffee. I also tried to Flor Azul by Intelligentsia for the first time this year (and it’s no longer in season! October is going by quickly!). And guess what? It all tasted awesome. I’m looking forward to what will come from the Grumpy roasting program.

Cup Cup Greenpoint

While we were in Greenpoint we hit up a cute new cafe called Cup. The place had a pleasant simplicity to it and great layout for its small square footage. We were given a great treatment since Cup is a Plowshares-exclusive shop… and chatted a little bit about coffee packaging on the side. All in all, a great new addition to the neighborhood!

Joe + Ecco Brendan pulls a shot Brendan pulls a shot Brendan pulls a shot Aftermath

And just today, I got into Joe to check out the big switch from Barrington to Ecco Caffe. Brendan pulled me a lovely shot – as Ecco tends to be. I am excited to see Ecco show up more and more in NYC after a lot of work on Andrew’s part! So thanks, Joe, and Third Rail, and Kaffe, for making that coffee more available. Although if you’re still jonesing for Barrington Coffee, I believe it’s still available at Red Horse Cafe in Brooklyn! Why I used the word “jonesing” 2 (3 now) times in this post, I don’t know.

Ok, I’m off to go set up a throwdown now! You can watch it live tonight at 9pm EST:



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