The Road to Epiphany blog started in the fall of 2007 when Anne Nylander & Neil Oney decided to drive across the country and visit great coffee shops along the way. We were on the road to our future coffee shop, “Epiphany Coffee and Tea.” Technically we’re still on that road today, since life has taken us on a different path in the coffee world.

Now Anne runs TampTamp Inc., a coffee service company that provides temporary barista service, consulting, and training. Neil is a barista at Simon Sips, and has become just about as obsessed with coffee as Anne is. He is also learning about roasting coffee from anyone willing to talk about it.

We also run some of the New York Coffee Society Events, along with Daniel Humphries. We have events (usually coffee cuppings, or tastings) on a semi-regular basis at various locations in the city. If you’d like to join the group, just email newyorkcoffeesociety at gmail dot com. There are no requirements to join.

Anne is also the North East Chapter Rep for the Barista Guild of America. Please let me know if you’d like to join the BGA, have a problem with your membership, want more info or want to put on a BGA-related event. Email me at anne at tamptamp dot com.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Uncle Michael has a crash pad in DC. I’m sure he’d be happy to host you, and it is handy to the Metro.

  2. Night of Sept. 14th you’re free to stay at Hacienda Aldo, as long as you’re OK being around a rambunctious but loveable Golden Retriever.

    Will warn you there may be some early morning noise on Sat as I’m leaving with our Cleveland carpool around 6am, but Melanie will be around.

    Btw, we rarely take the good Intelly stuff home so your Sat. morning coffee may be leftovers or samples 😦

  3. Rich – that would be so great! Maybe we will bring some fancy new york coffee or schwag from around town for payment. And of course that means that you will have an open invitation to the guest suites at the Casa del Oney-Nylander in Brooklyn if you ever need a place to stay in NYC.

  4. Really sorry I couldn’t show you around our roasting plant. I think you would have enjoyed it. If you can make it by on the return trip, give me a shout. Good luck with your travels and be sure to check out our website. I posted a blog about you on our site with a link.

  5. Jeff – Sadly, as we have not yet figured out how to make this our full-time job, we’ll be flying back to NYC. Thanks so much for your hospitality and your blog-plug! You made the visit to topeka a delight!

  6. many many compliments for the blog from a mixologist in rome 😉

  7. Hey,
    Just found your blog – actually, my dad found it and yelled across the room to tell me I had to see it. You see, my friend Sara Rose and I are also about to embark on a coffee road trip. We are in search of shops/roasters that focus on sustainability, community, and social responsibility.

    It be great to talk with you and Anne – maybe we can try to meet at the fest in DC.


  8. Hello

    I couldn’t find where to email so hope you don’t mind my messaging you in this way…

    Judging by your site, you know that coffee is an integral part of life and culture, stemming from the discussion of politics and the events of the day – it looks like we are seeing a resurgence…
    Out of more than 2,000 Brits polled, men in politics are who we’d most like to chat with over a cup of coffee, with Barack Obama (39%), Boris Johnson (22%) and David Cameron (16%) featuring in our top five – beating ‘A list-ers’ such as Sir Paul McCartney (17%), David and Victoria Beckham (11%) and Simon Cowell (15%). However, when it comes to the ladies, home grown talent featured prominently in the list with Cheryl Cole (17%), Lily Allen and Victoria Beckham (both 11%), and Emma Watson (9%) leading the way.
    De’Longhi commissioned world renowned coffee artist Søren Stiller Markussen to create latte etchings of those people we most talk about over a cup of coffee, with revered photographer Richard Foster capturing the artwork in a series of exclusive photographs to be displayed in the Pallant House Gallery.
    We filmed the creation of the coffee art and thought the video would interesting for your site. We can give you the html code to embed the player (like you would You Tube) or we can give you the files to upload into your own video player.

    You can watch the video at http://www.t5m.com/delonghi where you can also enter to win one of four DeLonghi coffee making machines.
    Please let me know if you are interested, the HTML code is at the bottom of the email.

    Many thanks


    More videos like this on http://www.t5m.com

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